Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I now work on the third floor of a building and the main office is on the second floor. There are several split levels as well. I am up and down stairs all day and I pace while I teach. Since our return from Wisconsin at the end of July – through all of the housework, remnants of moving and unpacking, my new third floor office, and a little dieting – I have now lost sixteen pounds off of my summer peak weight. My goal is to drop another fourteen. You can see it mostly in my face and hands at this point, but hopefully soon I’ll need to go shopping for some new pants.

Elliot is strongly responding to my voice now. We had quite the interaction last night. I asked him all sorts of questions about infinite space and eternal time. He responded through a series of punching motions, akin to Morse code, thwapped out on my wife's subcutaneous sounding surfaces (diaphragm, kidneys,interior rib surfaces, etc.). According to Elliot, the abbreviated version of existential absolutes can be aptly phrased as, "I like Jazz and Bop, but especially the cool sounds of 1956 Myles Davis and the Dave Brubeck Quartet." Apparently an eleven piece horn section can hit every dimension leaving your strings free for the strictly theoretical riffs a la Gillespie's paradox live at Lincoln Center. That's some Tao Pow and how!!!


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