Monday, June 02, 2008

Ye gods, what a weekend! On Friday night we went to see Eddie Izzard at the Orpheum Theater – a birthday surprise from the local tribe. The new show is called Stripped and it was as good as Dressed to Kill. As per usual, the circular comedic thematic was the replicating-meme/preposterous nature of both sport-fanaticism and religiosity. He often went for word play irony; such as, Football is more about running and throwing than feet, one rarely find much rest or takes a bath in either restrooms or bathrooms, etc. He took on the Biblical-literalist assertion that the world is seven thousand years old, versus the fifteen billion year measurement of the people with actual rulers.

His central metaphor was the downloading of updates for his MAC, which was then allegorically applied to the downloading of cultural movements, historical ages, you name it. He did a few flourishes of Christ ministering to the dinosaurs, a la his show Sexy, which had me in tears. His mime of a triceratops at table – armored to the nines and munching beets - was beyond hysterical. Playing scrabble before the advent of language was an entertaining bit – lots of high scores for arbitrary sounds.

He did an extended mime of two giraffes discussing an approaching tiger – what’s he doing in Africa? He discussed the Ten Commandments at length – focusing particularly on the coveting of one’s neighbor’s oxen. He challenged anyone of a literalist persuasion in the audience to attempt putting two of every kind of animal in a large boat – where do the giant squid go? How do you keep the female spiders from eating the male ones? We keep putting other pairs of animals in with the tigers, but only the tigers are currently in there; it was excellent satire for a stormy Friday night.

And then… Saturday my sister V. got married. I had all of my siblings in town over the weekend – which is a gaggle of folks. The wedding reception was in Illinois at Hidden Lake Winery. Jes and I got a cabin – which we ended up getting for half price as we had only lukewarm water. The facility is lovely, but the staff members are still getting their sea legs. I imagine I’ll write more about this later, when I have pictures to share.


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