Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vacation Next:

We went down to the Lake of the Ozarks last weekend. I don't have any pictures to post as we mostly shot video. It was a low key weekend. With gas prices being what they are, we only took the boat out twice and the wave runner once. Elliot liked boating - or at least liked being bounced to sleep on the speed boat. He looked like a baby burrito in all of his safety gear. Maybe I'll dig up a picture of that somewhere.

It was his first Fourth of July and his first fireworks - which he loved. We took the boat out at night to watch Tan Terra's fireworks from the water. It was too dark to capture the look on his face with the video camera, but it was priceless wide eyed wonder. After we got back to the condo he talked for two hours strait, telling us all about his adventure in baby-speak.

The other big first for the weekend was that he pulled himself up to standing using the coffee table. He has yet to repeat this feat of dexterity, but we have established precedence.

Not much to report since we've been back in town - other than that we over spent at the outlet malls.


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