Thursday, February 09, 2006

My dad turned seventy four on Tuesday last. I called and he thought I was my brother Phil for awhile – this is not a sign of senility or hearing loss – we actually all (four brothers) are hard to tell apart on the phone. I think Andy and I sound most alike in vocal quality, but he has the California surfer-dude-great-vowel-shift post Colorado accent now. Kris has gone long A and O (oh Yaaaa?) in the Milwaukee and Chicago flight school fly you up to the U.P. for some Silver Rail Beer kind of way (and so). His THs have also been replaced by a prominent D, which leaves Phil and I sounding most alike with our Latinate vocabularies strewn through with academic pretensions.

I am having a full day. I was up at four since I slept so much yesterday – I dreamt of Vikings that I went to visit in “the Northern most city on Earth”. I got to the Vikings through a tunnel that started in Texas: very strange.

After a day of teaching today – during which I was asked if teeth are made of porcelain and whether sexually transmitted diseases are called venereal or malarial diseases – I now have an evening class from four until six followed by a meeting at my online teaching facility. I doubt I’ll be done there until after nine and then tomorrow is the 3rd degree party that I am bartending plus I need to get Jen from the airport and I am putting Mark up for the night. Zoinks Scooby – I is doin too much.


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