Monday, April 24, 2006

It’s early Monday morning and I am something that I haven’t been in months: rested. This is my last week of student teaching and my portfolio was handed in Friday night, so I am very close to done. To be clear, what I am done with is my certification. The M.Ed. is still a separate goal. However, they are supposedly announcing a new degree program on Tuesday whereby I might be able to turn all this coursework into a degree more rapidly. I’ll keep you posted.

We went to Karen and John’s on Saturday night for a “blender” party and drank smoothies with Uzis until late in the night. It was nice to see Bridget from way back and Allen from the gym. I learned to play Botchy (sp?) ball. I think my parents would love it.

I’m up early in order to grade a few papers before heading in to work so I best not blow my time advantage on blogging. I’ll be done with my academics soon and will most likely be writing more as I’ll be writing less for school. I feel like my three-day fever last week really cooked a lot of crap out of my system. I didn’t eat much over those three days either, and so have lost a little weight.

Having to walk the dog twice per day is helping there as well, though I am beginning to think Bastian needs to be on some doggy Glucosamine. Our landlady’s garden has exploded with spring and we are walking the dog to keep him from digging up her flowers. He wouldn’t really dig them up, but he would kill them with gallons of acidic pee. On that urinary note, it’s off to work for me.


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