Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I seem to be trying to work two days into every single day. I come home from school and nap, only to get back up and go back to work. I’ve been grading for a few hours now and I know that the key to a good life is balance, too much of anything at any one time can sour the pleasure of everything. I don’t mind grading. I just need to do it in more manageable chunks. I’m setting rules for myself where I grade ten papers first thing in the morning. I generally am at my most mentally clear at that time of day and can get through assignments much faster. It’s hard to believe that I only have a few weeks of this pace left.

I am taking myself out of the social loop until after my portfolio is done. I’ve really let myself fall behind there and need to make the push to get caught up. It’s great that I scored well on the Praxis, but that is just one piece in the puzzle for certification. I still need to nail my portfolio and complete this semester’s course work. Then I need to decide how far I am going to try and get this summer towards the completion of the M.A. and how exactly I am going to pay for it. With a salary looming the prospect of taking out more loans seems like a less than ideal choice.

I wish I could regale you with odd tales of my life, but the energy is elsewhere as so too must I be.


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