Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm on an old laptop at Jes' folks and it's possible that some of the keys will stop working while I type. Amren came by today around four to tell us that yes, they would need to fix our power. Great... we're on a very long list. We weren't able to find a battery powered pump for the fish, as all the pet stores were already sold out by the time we went to look. So instead, we saved our money and made a pump using the battery from my school bus as a power source, the leads on my car battery charger linked to rigged leads made out of an old cigarette lighter housing and a car tire emergency inflation pump. It works great! Those fish have ever had so much air - the tops of the tanks foam when I turn it on. I'll just run it in each tank for a few minutes avery few hours and they'll be fine. That's all for now - our neighborhood is just a wreck - pictures to follow...


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