Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wedding stuff progresses: we had our “tasting” today at Bevo Mill. There had been a narrowing of our food options a few months ago during a sit-down with the banquet coordinator. That meeting got us to our tasting menu. We now have a new coordinator, as the previous woman has been promoted within the company that owns the Bevo. We spent part of our day today confirming all the side promises that the old coordinator had made, such as how late we can really stay (one a.m. as long as we have music), and we spent the rest of the time eating: food coma.

It looks like we have a menu now for buffet service. We chose the roast beef with a carving station over the London broil so that people can more easily get the cut and doneness that they prefer. We chose the salmon with dill sauce on the side over the various chicken dishes because it was simply better. We are going with both a band and a DJ. Band first. We went out and picked the cake last weekend (lemon with lemon filling, German chocolate with raspberry filling, and marble cake with fudge) and Jes chose the flowers from Kabloom earlier in the week. The wedding dress is in and did not require alterations as it fit perfectly. The tuxes are ordered, but I think BJ and Brad still need to get their fittings done. The ducks do seem to be lining up.


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