Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jes and I have numerous odd correspondences. As an example, it’s odd that we both took a year off between high school and college. I’m perplexed by a newly discovered correspondence. When I first moved back to St. Louis I lived on Delmar in a town house. The owner, Richard, was an elderly man who lived in the east half of the building and I lived in the western side. I liked Richard and did lots of odd jobs, occasional shopping, etc. for him. Near the end, when his health failed, I went to visit him in the hospital a few times. We would watch baseball and talk about his kids and his life.

Richard had owned an antique store in Gaslight Square that had relocated to The Central West End. Jes’ stepfather David grew up working in the movie theater that his father owned in Gaslight Square. I’ve just learned in the last few days that Richard was a good friend of Jes’ stepfather’s father. When Richard’s estate was sold I bought a few things, including some iron patio chairs. It’s possible that David sat in these same chairs when he was a young man. Odd.


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