Monday, July 24, 2006

Issues raised by the inspection to be resolved through seller making repairs or crediting appraised cost of repairs by agreed upon contractors against purchase price:

Bring all internal and external electric up to national electric code
standards and install G.F.C.I. in kitchen and bathroom
Document location of septic tank and verify proper functioning of septic system
Burry exposed septic pipe in accordance with standard septic practice
Replace or repair dishwasher
Replace or repair exterior AC by HVAC tech
Replace well pressure tank
Replace well cap
Re-grade land immediately east of the house and install concrete retaining wall
to divert water flow away from the foundation
Repair eastern wall of block foundation in accordance with evaluation
by structural engineer
Reinstall sump pump properly
Install gutters
Repair roll roofing on back as per inspection
Connect exhaust pipe from gas fireplace to chimney
Install chimney cap
Replace half inch main line of plumbing with standard three quarter inch lines
Have all plumbing evaluated for repair as per inspection
Seal all holes in siding
Replace or repair Co2 and fire detectors


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