Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I think it's pretty obvious that they aren't going to go for this list - but if they do - or if they knock 30 K off the price - which they also won't do - then I think that the property would be worth it. I can fix a number of these things myself and so they are on the list as negotiating points. The foundation wall and the property grade are the deal breakers.

To use poker analogy, we went big blind on the house and are invested in seeing the flop now that we’ve put our earnest money into the inspection. I should restate that it really is a gorgeous piece of land less than five minutes from my new job with a stable garage that would make a great studio for Jes. The basement is ideal for clay storage. The hill with the open drain is ideal for a septic field. We are poor and the mortgage will be less than we are currently paying in rent – it’s a lot of bang for our small buck. There is nothing comparable for sale in the market and all of the rental property was either tiny or covered in cat pee.

So, we’ll see – we still have a number of outs in the contract. The official appraisal has yet to come back from the bank and that will be telling.


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