Thursday, March 08, 2007

I had three interviews tonight with three different high schools in a single district. The most involved interview was for the school that I am least interested in. They are looking for a reading specialist and they shouldn’t hire me for that job. The first interview I did wasn’t really an interview. They already know me there because it’s where I student taught. The principal from that school excitedly ran to double check with someone that my paperwork was all in order. I would take a position there and be happy to get it. I have to admit that I really loved working there. I've also discovered that the salary bump over what I'm currently making would be surprisingly large, a helpful factor in easing my hesitance. I met with the principal from another school, the school that I am most interested in, and he told me that of eighteen applicants I was the first one he’d seen who was qualified to replace his departing AP teacher. He was blunt about my having made it instantly to the top of the stack. As with all big districts I am discovering that I will have several rounds of interview ahead of me if I make this initial cut, which it seems I have.


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