Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am sitting here waiting to see if my school will cancel on account of the storm. I kind of doubt it, as we just have rain around here. Still, I could really use a snow day for mental health reasons. While I wait I shall do Beth’s Alphabet Soup Meme – for which I have been duly tagged.

Alphabet Soup meme

A- Available or Single? Neither – taken – married – off the market – happily removed from the shop window, paired, snared, taken to her lair, kept behind a stair.
B- Best Friend? In addition to my wife, I am blessed with many, many good friends and I deny hierarchy
C- Cake or Pie? Angel food cake or apple pie.
D- Drink of Choice? G-n-T – anti-malarial of the gods
E- Essential Item? Pony tail holder – have you ever seen my hair down?
F- Favorite Color? No idea – it used to be red, now it might be blue
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms, or sharks swimming in Jello – was that an option?
H- Hometown? Ah….Garoka, New Guinea -believe it or not-
I- Indulgence? Yes
J- January or February? Feb – salary workers bonus on the short month
K- Kids and names? Emily and Isabel – but they’re not here yet – don’t have a boys name on tap.
L- Life is incomplete without…? books
M- Marriage Date? September 23rd 2006
N- Number of Siblings? Five
O- Oranges or Apples? Apples – we have a small orchard at my folk’s place
P- Phobias/Fears? Heights make me a little uncomfortable, so I just pretend that they are widths and I’m fine.
Q- Favorite Quote? The one I just heard – “Stay home Karl, it’s a snow day.” (So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.)
R- Reasons to smile? I am loved many times over and lucky for it.
S- Season? Fall – I hate being too warm, not thrilled with the deep freeze – fall is just right.
T- Tag 3 people? Jen, Jes, Michelle
U- Unknown Fact About Me? I consider metempsychosis quite plausible
V- Vegetable You Hate? Canned anything
W- Worst Habit? I bite my fingernails when I drive
X- Xrays You’ve Had? As a kid – hundreds – bad lungs. As and adult – left wrist, right legs, lungs again, panoramic one of my head at the dentist – that was so cool.
Y- Your Favorite Foods? Deep fried chicken or cod, beets, Thai Curry, Guinness
Z- Zodiac? Gemini on the Taurus cusp – schizophrenic and stubborn (but I’m of two minds about that)


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