Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sorry I’m not around here more – we had massive amounts of family stuff over Christmas and New Years. We went to Arkansas for a few days and had a nice time with Jes’ mother’s extended relation. I put my back out somehow during our return trip and it isn’t back to normal yet. The left side went out first and a day later the right side followed. I am using ice-hot stick-on bandages to coast me through the musculature lock up.

We were both sick last week and got in some couch time before our New Year’s Eve party – which was well attended and most entertaining. I went all out and roasted an eighteen pound turkey.

My end of term grades are due this week and they always take longer than I plan for – in part because I procrastinated a bit over the break – I needed a vacation and some time to feel like a human. Jes liked having non-exhausted Karl around for a few days (then next time you’ll see him it will be summer), but then I roped her into helping me grade multiple choice finals – my kingdom for a Scantron. My nights this week will be filled with grading.

I have to take an UMSL class this term that I thought I was going to squeak out of. It starts mid month. My advisor had been in England and didn’t catch that I didn’t have a prerequisite – it’s a risk when you do a two year program in a year. I tried to test out but missed the score I needed by four points – a rare and poignant failure for me – perhaps a bit of self sabotage. I took the test after a day of teaching and the hour and a half drive back in: silly boy.

So after my crazy drive, teaching and grading, I will have an UMSL class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I am insane. The only up side is that I think my district has to reimburse me for the class after I complete it, although I do still have to pay for it up front. Maybe when they pay me back we can use the money for a honey moon. The class will push me closer to the Master of Education degree that I am fifteen hours shy of. I have five years to complete, so I’m not sweating it. If I pace myself I can get whatever school I am teaching at to pay for the classes.

I am still second guessing myself about all of my career moves. Teaching college was much easier than teaching high school. I just don’t know yet where I belong. I’m not sure if I am becoming more ambitious than I used to be. If we’re going to start a family I’ll be hard pressed to pay all our bills on what I am making as a teacher. Still, I can’t really justify going any further into debt in student loans for any kind of law degree etc. I don’t really have any interest in the law as a career. Anyway, food for thought; I must sleep as that four a.m. alarm comes quick.


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