Thursday, June 07, 2007

I went up to Uncle Bill’s Pancake house for breakfast and the paper. I read the paper. I decided when I first got up that today I was going to do something that I haven’t done yet since the summer started. I decided that today I am going to relax. It’s an odd day to relax. We put in an offer on a house two days ago, they countered yesterday, and we parried (counter-countered) this morning. I am oddly relaxed about the process. It’s not our dream home, but it will work. They might come down. We might go up. We are going to look at another, cheaper house on the same street later today. As we get ready to make this investment we are discussing all of our priorities for child raising, travel, lifestyle, etc. It’s relaxing to know that I have a very smart wife.

I went up to the Red Box video dispenser after I ate and got two cartoons – Avengers 2 and Iron Man. Nothing says summer relaxation to me like sitting in the AC and watching cartoons. Love it.


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