Thursday, July 19, 2007

The move, the move, the move is on fire. We don’t need no water let the MGHFGHF FKGJKJH burn. I am a little burned out on moving, we’ve been at this for eight days now. We had many friends come help us last Saturday, but I have still brought over several truck loads a day since then.

Voice off camera: Well, that’s what you get for owning too much crap.

I guess we haven’t talked in awhile, so we need to get caught up. When last we left our intrepid pair they were about to buy a house, but there was a fly in the closing process. We closed a week late because of failed gas inspections, but got a brand new water heater out of the deal. When we closed we brought 1600 to a 2700 dollar party. By moving the closing past the fifth of the month we had another round of prepays in taxes etc. We have been living on fumes (credit cards) since then. But all is well, I get paid tomorrow and our first loan payment isn’t due until September 1st. Damn you Lowe’s and your inviting selection of must have items.

We’ve been simultaneously moving truckloads of belongings from the old apartment, unpacking, decorating, repairing and cleaning both the old and new places. I’ll hazard the guess that we are now 91% moved. The washing machine and portable dishwasher still need to come over, as well as the shelves that we’ve left behind to hold things for the moving sale. Oh, and our clothes, they are still hanging in the closet while we live out of random laundry baskets. As we unpack we are finding more things to sell and then actually moving them back to the old place because we are dumb.

We have internet and cable TV now. I haven’t had cable in years. I think we might need TeVo just to sort out what we want to watch from all the endless crap. We had an odd installation drama. Our cable installer just left in the middle of the job. He ran a line from the alley, gave me a cable box with remote, plugged in the internet modem (but didn’t get it working), and vanished. After an hour of wondering where he was, I hooked up the cable myself in the basement – there was no usable signal.

After several phone calls to charter I got the cousin of the vanishing installer (welcome to the south side) over here to complete the job. He got one TV and the internet working, stepping in dog crap in the process, and told me that either he or his vanishing cousin would be back to hook up our other televisions today. I feel for the guy, he got shit on twice – once metaphorically by an unreliable cousin that he had to cover for and once literally by my dog. As he left, in one tennis shoe and one sandal, with his soiled shoe wrapped up in newspaper, he philosophically observed, “It’s best to let these things dry and chip them out later when they’ve had time to crust.” That is some rich advice there.

Installer number two was a cool guy and honestly I hope the cousin is ok, something serious must have happened to a friend or family member for him to just take off in the middle of a job. Alternately, I did have to show him how to get to the basement more than once, so the cousin may have been working under the influence and ditched the job on some paranoia trip. Anyway, I’ll have to fill you in on our doings at some other time, I’ve got moving to do.


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