Sunday, July 08, 2007

Update… we don’t have the internets at home anymore. We were down in the Ozarks with Brad and friends during the week, and while we were away something went haywire at home. The guy in India on the helpline couldn’t fix it and he put in a work order – whatever is messing up the DSL is external to the apartment. I’m going to call off the work order tomorrow as we are dropping AT&T. We can’t transfer the DSL as there is no service at the new address; we are three blocks south of the availability line. They suggested that I order an airliner card for wireless from their partner Xingular, which oddly I did, but I am going to send it back as it sucks. I think we’ll try wireless through Dish Network.

We haven’t closed on the house yet as there has been some drama – our original close date was last Monday. As you might expect there is a long story attached to the delayed close, the short version is that they are buying us a new water heater and C02 venting system. When that work is done (Wednesday morning) we will close. We’re only a week and a half behind schedule. The hard part is that we are mostly packed and living out of and amid towers of boxes. Good thing we had a vacation to go on so that we didn’t just sit home and nurse our crazy.

The people we are buying the house from are first time (probably/hopefully last time) home rehabbers. They have done some things very well. All four gas appliances failed as they didn’t hook them up correctly. It’s good not to blow up. Most of their work is over the top good – just not the gas. We had it in our contract that they had to fix anything related to the gas inspection. They are.

How are you all? Questions?


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