Saturday, December 15, 2007

I’ve managed to pick up a winter head cold. I’m hoping it doesn’t mutate into something ugly or transfer to wife and child. Even with the cold, which I’ve had for a few days, it’s been a good week. The light at the end of the tunnel – a two week Christmas vacation – is just days away now. I give my last final on Wednesday. I will still have to work over the break, grading all those final exams, but I can do what I have to do from home sans 150 crazy kids.

I’ve found out that I’ll have fewer students next semester, which means less grading, and I have also discovered the magic of the Scantron machine. I graded a test yesterday in three minutes that would have otherwise taken me four to five hours to grade manually. God bless you Scantron, you’ve added years to my life.

Elliot is in his playpen to my right, amusing himself by pulling one of his baby mirrors over onto his head; it’s a soft toy with animals and rattles on it that he got from Paul and Caroline. Elliot is only nine weeks old this Sunday and isn’t supposed to be playing like this for another month (smart baby). He’s actually worn himself out and is now in full crash mode. We’ve got a pediatrician visit next week and are taking bets on his current weight. My guess is just under twelve pounds.

We are in the middle of a snow event. There are three inches on the ground and another six expected. Jen is flying back in today from Connecticut, so we are on storm/flight watch. I imagine she’ll stay with us again tonight, though I know she’s anxious to get back to Derek and the kids. The main thing is of course getting home safely.

Otherwise we are doing well, and looking forward to time with friends and family over the break.


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