Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You want me to write about being a father, how things have changed. It might be too soon for that. It’s not really possible for me to talk about how things have changed for just me: more significantly, my relationship with my wife has been completely redefined. In our first year as a couple our things began to merge. She would sometimes joke about what great audiovisual equipment she got out our relationship.

In the first year of our marriage we filed our taxes jointly and opened shared accounts. We bought a car and house together. None of that togetherness prepares you for having a child that shares your faces. He has my brow line and chin and her upper lip. His nose is a blending of our noses. Evolutionary biology manifests itself in early resemblance to the father in order to establish paternity and assist in providing for the protection of the child; my features dominate for now, but several times I have caught Jes looking back at me from Elliot’s face.


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