Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here it is, the end of the last month of my life in which I am not a father (semantics, I realize). The due date is the seventeenth, but we figure that anytime now a birth is possible. My coworkers think she’ll go early, she thinks she’ll go a little late. I am going to actually take a day off this week to prepare for the time that I will be taking off for the baby. I want to be caught up on my grading and I really seem to have too many friend and family obligations on the weekend to get everything done. I’m not scared; I’m just excited. Everyday Jes moves a little slower, has a harder time getting up, and has less energy than the day before.

We spent part of today with Jes’s mom, helping her with some household chores. She was talking about how much fun it will be to make cookies for our children… children. Yes, that will be fun. No, we are not having twins; at least, not yet. But, I think we will have children if we’re able to.

It’s never wise to blog about one’s job; however, mine is much on my mind. My “honeymoon” period with the position is over, and I am coming to terms with the ninety percent perspiration that allows for my ten percent inspiration. I want more out of my work life. I don’t see the problem as intrinsic to the situation; rather, my problem is myself. We are all works in progress, and the desire to improve for others is healthy.

Ah well, it's late for me. G'night.


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