Saturday, September 22, 2007

It’s our one year anniversary this weekend. Jes’ father took us to the Grandel Theater’s Off Ramp season opener last night for opening night of Alter Boyz. It was hysterical. Follow the link and watch the video clip. We don’t have much planned for the weekend. We are watching Vanessa’s dogs today while she attends a training in Columbia and I will attempt to get caught up on my backlog of grading. At some point I need to mow the yard. Ah domesticity. Tomorrow we’ll do brunch at Bevo, where we had our reception, and do whatever other anniversary stuff that occurs to us.

I am feeling a little worn out and overworked. The first year of any teaching job is always the hardest as you are simultaneously developing the class, teaching the class, and grading for the class. I said the other day that it was like having two jobs; but on reflection, it’s really like having three of them. There is also a nagging feeling that the energy the job demands might just not be sustainable in a long term way. It’s possible that I might try to return to college teaching, which is a great deal less work. Into every job a little doubt must fall. The lesson here is that I need to alter how I am teaching so that I am doing less grunt grading and more inspirational inspiring – especially with Elliot’s birth looming. I also need to get away from teaching grammar as soon as is humanly possible. Grammar instruction is worksheet hell.


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