Monday, October 08, 2007

Low key weekend allows for three postings in a single day.

We’re just back from a wedding reception in Wentzville. Our friends Eric and Meg got married a few weeks back in Vegas, drove home slowly as the honeymoon, and then had a picnic reception tonight. They had board games on all the pavilion tables, so we played Scrabble, Poker, and Complicated Crazy Eights (Uno). You can watch their luxurious wedding at The Luxor on Eric’s (Fuzzy’s) blog. The wedding ended up being much nicer than they were expecting. I think we’re a little jealous of their no-stress approach and the fact that they got to have a honeymoon. We still haven’t managed that.

Saturday night we also went to a picnic, this one was hosted by Myra and David’s neighbor Mac. Mac works in the soybean industry, so there were food chemists and a ranger of other industrial agronomists there. One of his coworkers made traditional Korean BBQ served on a lettuce wrap with rice, a spicy bean paste, and huge chunks of garlic. Mac made several briskets in his slow cooker and has inspired me for future BBQ fun. I’m essentially sick of my BBQ menu and must now voyage into new and exciting possibilities.

Ah well, my folks are calling and there’s a Packer game to watch. I’m off.


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