Sunday, January 06, 2008

And so the vacation comes to an end…

Most importantly, Beth is OK after her emergency appendectomy Friday night. She had cramps on Wednesday that she attributed to food poisoning, but as the week progressed and she wasn’t feeling any better she decided to get a doctor involved. On Friday she went from the morning with her doctor, to a CT scan in the afternoon, and then into surgery at Missouri Baptist in the evening – in recovery by ten. They removed the appendix laposcopically, leaving only three little incisions that were glued closed rather than stitched. The appendix hadn’t burst yet, but was headed in that direction.

By Saturday morning Beth was sitting up in bed and anxious to hold Elliot during our hospital visit. He folks came over from the St. Joe area and arrived in time to help her check out. She’s home now with instructions to move and do as little as possible. I don’t envy the circumstance, but I do envy those instructions.

I have procrastinated all of my prep work for this final day of vacation. This is not out of character for me. I rationalize that I am one of those people who performs better under pressure. This is not always the truth. My rabbit turtle struggles continue.

My parents have been in town and we had two parties this week to offer up distraction and require recovery from. We had a New Year’s Eve party and a Friday work party for my English department. The first party was well attended and fairly low key, the work party was the same. My college self erodes further as evidenced by my thinking that two parties in a week, much less a month, is too much. I feel like I need a vacation from the stressors of my vacation.

My parents have been visiting friends and family while using our guest room as a home base. It’s been nice having them here and today it will be good to get our house back. The best thing about the second party was that my parents helped me deep clean the whole house right before it. That I enjoy a clean house more than a party is further evidence of my eroding college self. Ah well, having cleansed my mental pallet with this blog, I must to work get.


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