Sunday, March 30, 2008

Odd day... we were out in St. Charles last night until two a.m. playing Apples to Apples with BJ, Beth, and Erica - cause that's how the "middle aged" roll (are we yet?). We were at a work party last week playing Balderdash and Jes killed my whole department (I think Balderdash is more fun than a2a). Eventually, as common experience wains, adults(insert grain of salt here) are forced into playing inane games to facilitate the social - and they're sort of fun I guess. At our last party everyone was into the Wii. I guess what bothers me is that the board games remind me of everything I once hated about the yuppie that I've become.

It was BJ's 35th birthday yesterday and his sister Brit gave him a BBQ. It was also BJ's brother-in-law Aaron's birthday - he bought himself a 2002 Harley Davidson. Love it! I am going to have to get our Suzuki tuned up so I can start taking it to work as an offset for rising gas prices. Jason called the other day and he wanted me to be about to turn thirty four, but I couldn't help him as I was born in seventy-three. He wanted BJ, he, and myself to be staggered over a three year period for some odd reason.

Anyway, we got home at three a.m. and then I was up at five with Elliot, letting Jes sleep, only to go back to bed at eleven and then we were off to Illinois at two for family time there. Elliot enjoyed the swapping as both of us fed him lunch - no wonder he's growing so fast.

I am starting to feel like it is summer already. This is not good given how much work I have to do. This is good, as spring is in the air.

Someone, I know not who, was internet stalking me via Spokeo. Because turn-about-is fair-play, I signed up for the Spokeo service, not really knowing what it was, and accidentally ended up getting updates on everyone I have email addresses for, sorry about that. It's an odd service. It raids your email contacts folders and then informs you of anyone you know doing anything anywhere on social networking pages on the web. This is the theory anyway. So now I will get an email when former students who emailed me late papers update their Myspace pages... yeah, I need to delete some old emails. If nothing else this is prompting me to clean out my inbox.

Some people that I know (Jen) believe that the internet was a-made for this sort of thing - if you're like that then Spokeo is for you. I am both fascinated and freaked out by this dimension of the web - the many skeletons looking back from their respective closets. And yet I blog...

Mama mama many worlds I've known since I first left home.


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