Saturday, March 08, 2008

Last night was one of those fall asleep into front of the TV nights. You wouldn’t think I’d be so wiped out with two days off in the middle of the week. Teaching is hard work. I’ve been asking myself lately how many years I can do this, getting up between four and five in the morning – it’s certainly not going to be thirty.

We took Sebastian into the vet for a follow up on Friday. The vet is happy with his recovery, he’s come further faster than she expected. She’s put him on steroids to help with his appetite and to support his improved stability. She seems to think he’ll eventually lose the head tilt. He’s able to get up and down the back steps by himself; it’s not pretty, but he can do it. He’s also put some weight back on – he’s back up to the forty-six pounds he had on him when we first took him in. His normal weight is fifty pounds, so he’s got a few to gain back yet.

I am off to browse estate sales. Ciao.


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