Saturday, March 01, 2008

In other health news – Melissa is recovering from septicemia. We went and saw her is the hospital Friday and they did a PICC line insertion while we were there (Peripherally Inserted Central venous Catheter) – that would be a drug line entering in her arm and proceeding through an artery into her heart (eek). She’s like a cyborg now with these jacks in her arm that attach to a drug pump. She has to spend the next two weeks on intravenously delivered antibiotics, but she doesn’t have to be in the hospital for the treatment. Mexican Train night at Melissa’s!

We have spent a fair amount of time in hospitals of late: first with Beth’s appendix, next came Bonnie’s broken hip, Melissa’s septicemia, and finally Sebastian’s vestibular condition. Mira told us the other night that we need to work on the health of our cadre (I guess coterie would be the more accurate term).


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