Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sebastian is a little better today. He still can’t really walk very well, but last night he made it to the kitchen on his own for a drink of water, and this morning he was able to stagger around the yard a bit to smell his favorite places. I have to carry him in and out as the stairs are quite impossible. I said stroke-like yesterday and the metaphor is apt because his balance is only going to get better as his brain learns to interpret the new faulty data that it is getting via the corrupted nerve. Like a stroke patient, he has to relearn how to walk, to see, to judge distance.

He’s on anti-nausea drugs because for him the world is spinning. Yesterday he got the drug as an injection, but he spit the pill version out five times this morning – even the peanut butter trick didn’t work – so I guess I’ll try again later. The web page on this disease recorded that people often mistakenly put animals down with this illness because the symptoms are so sudden and extreme - when he tries to walk he looks like one of those darted animals on the safari shows - but that is a tragic mistake as most dogs will make a full recovery in a few weeks.


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