Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breakin 2: The Electric K.J.

I have had an intense entropy field around me for the last few days (weeks?). The truck battery died maybe two weeks ago and the leads were too corroded to save. I had to jump it from the Forenza several times to get it to the garage and in the process perhaps I killed the Forenza's alternator... or the bad serpentine belt in the Forenza killed it. Regardless, I was driving home from U.M.S.L. on the highway with the kid in the back when everything electric in the Forenza went dead. By keeping the revolutions high, I got close to home before the engine died in the middle of an intersection with a school bus honking at me. Luckily, there was also a fire truck at the four way stop and the whole fire department helped me push the car uphill to the curb. I had the stroller in the trunk, so E and I just walked home.

It took more than a week for the dealership to fix the Forenza - new serpentine belt, new alternator, and a recalled water pump for 188 $ under warranty. We got it back last night and I was driving to see Kim's new baby after school today (boy - Alex - born last night), again with E in the back, and in the middle of a rainstorm, on a busy highway, the driver's side windshield wiper broke loose, it broke the passenger side blade loose, they fought it out on the hood - in rush hour rainstorm traffic by the airport - and the passenger side wiper blade ripped the driver's blade off the car and pitched it off behind us into the speeding traffic. I did not retrieve it. I pulled over, dislodged the broken-but-surviving blade, and made a bee line for the #$##$$##$$ local garage that put them on improperly three weeks ago during our inspection. We got two new ones for free (he broke two during his attempt to do the driver's side) and the garage owner made a further show of contrition for nearly killing us by yelling at his employees and apologizing profusely.

The desktop computer upstairs fried last night. It has a fatal error in the operating system. I have no back up as my brother accidentally kicked the external hard drive and killed it. A limb fell off the tree in the back and dented our fire pit during the same storm in which the wipers rebelled. The dog pooped in the nursery several times this week as ongoing fallout from his pseudo stroke - often at three a.m. The cat peed in two different laundry baskets - one of them had several visits. The movie we rented last night was scratched and kept skipping... etc.


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