Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer is starting to do strange things to me. I went outside this morning to get the paper and discovered my neighborhood to be oddly populated. I looked around to see if anyone was having a garage sale, or for any other reason to explain the general crowdedness of car and lawn. The answer to the riddle is simple: it’s Saturday and everyone who is normally at work is here. It’s also a pleasant temperature, rare this time of year in St. Louis. The days are beginning to blur together for me a bit and I need to start focusing on that impending school year.

Junior is starting to get around well enough that we will have to do the next level of kid proofing. Jes and I are both… casual about our placement of objects. My biggest worry at the moment is all the loose change that seems to find its way to our floors – choking hazards abound. My second biggest worry is the child’s love of cords – we are on a mission to get them all up and away. Interestingly, if you tell Elliot “no” he listens and crawls off in some other direction. This positive behavior will not persist.


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