Monday, October 20, 2008

Wisconsin, it seems, is colder than Missouri. Perhaps you all know this, but it seems I wasn't aware, as I didn't pack long sleeves or socks for my trip. What was I thinking? I don't know, maybe that global warming had a firmer grasp than it does. Anyway, other than having cold feet, everything about Elliot's first trip by plane went swimmingly.

Swimming in snot, that is.

Ok, not swimming in it, but certainly snot presented itself in abundance. It poured forth from wee Elliot's nostrils like somebody in his head had turned on the spout, and my oh my was there ever snot. You may thing it's funny, but ...

Puns and snot aside we enjoyed our visit to Uncle Phil's eco-friendly house and to the family farm. Elliot grinned, giggled, and generally amused himself on the plane to and from the North. Other than two nights of little sleep (attributed to the aforementioned snot plentitude) he was (as always) a joy.

Highlights include:

Visit to Perpich Center for Arts Education, where our niece Sarah attends

Mac & Cheese (and shopping) at IKEA

Mall of America. Now I can say I've been there, and with people who agreed on a 15 minute maximum.

Birthday Cake. Really, can there ever be too much?

Fall colors from the air - most of the flight we were bound in clouds, but what we saw when we weren't was breathtaking.

Family. For the lucky few, always a treat.

Now i'm off to find my phone and wish my big brother a happy birthday.

Peace, joy, and warm toes to you all.


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