Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's me again. My blog still won't work, and now it's gone back in time. Seems it's trying to save me from something, as it's erased the whole time I knew Karl. My blog is living in 2004. I'm living in 2008. Maybe it's the blogosphere's way of telling me to blog here. Whatever.

Spent some time with V and S, Karl's sisters, this weekend. Also talked to the Kopitskes at the farm - can't wait for our little trip up north in October. I will need a house sitter for a few days - interested? Sleepy now, and yet afraid to sleep. The other night I dreamed that E was sick, and the only way to fix it was for the doctor to put him back. In me. The same way he came out. The just greased him up and, well.... fortunately there was a fade out at that point in the dream - it was left to the imagination, and then here he was rolling and pushing around in the womb. I was so glad to be pregnant again, because I thought it was no longer possible...

Anyway, with dreams like that, who wouldn't want to sleep?



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