Friday, September 05, 2008

Dear Readers,

I have opened up Karl's archive. He had it tucked away in hiding so as not to cause a fuss with some of his more, well, interesting adventures being read by some of his more, well, impressionable students.

I remember once when he was teaching in Hermann we were in the car and I leaned over for a smooch - he kind of looked over his shoulder - was it ok? could he kiss his wife in public? would there be a situation if somebody saw???? "Honey," I said, "I'm your wife. There are limits to how much they can control your public persona." After all, he wasn't running for president. Yet.

I didn't ever take this sort of secrecy well. I'm against hiding, particularly when there's nothing to hide.

So here he is - unhidden and honest in his own words. Archive, up.



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