Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Summer Summative:

Elliot’s had some new experiences this week. On Monday our former landlady Kathy and her mother Maryann took us out for Greek food at Momo’s; it’s located by my old place in U-City. The food is wonderful and most evenings there is a belly dancer. Elliot started to cry whenever she (our dancer) walked away from our table. She was careful not to use the sword-on-head dance near Elliot. Their lamb tapas is the best I’ve ever had.

E’s had a hard time this week with his top two center teeth coming in. Tooth arrival is accompanied by a slight fever and general grumpiness. Friday day he got to spend a fair amount of time in grandpa’s pool with mom, dad, and Uncle Brad. Brad and I hit the back nine at Stonebridge and then we got to cool off at the Collinsville digs. After our swim, I unlocked two new levels on my mother-in-law’s Guitar Hero (the two after you beat Slash).

Friday night Jes was working at Third Degree, doing a paperweight class and the first demo for the monthly Third Friday event. Elliot got to experience his first opera as the The Union Avenue Opera Company sang a medley of songs from their current offering for the Third Degree crowd in an attempt to boost the door for that evening’s performance. Elliot listened raptly for the first song and then started to join in. If this were a baby book entry – which it might as well be – I should note that screaming and singing in places that echo are some of his favorite activities. He also likes to pull books off of bookshelves and to join the cat in playing with the cat’s spin-ball scratch pad – footage of this simultaneous play with the cat will win us our prize on Funniest Home Videos.


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