Sunday, November 09, 2008

I chatted with many Kopitskes today. We finally got the full report from the medical examiner's office, so I wanted to share with them the findings. The report describes, in eerie detail, the inside of my husband's body. I hope you never ever have reason to read one of these. It's incredibly difficult, fascinating, creepy, moving, and strange to read of the "glistening" state, various hues, and 'remarkability' (or lack thereof) of the internal organs of somebody you love...

Anyway, the real reason I'm blogging this happens next: as I finished my calls, Elliot reached for the phone. He was tired and cranky, so rather than fight him for it, I just turned it off and handed it over. He sat beside the couch where I couldn't see him, and proceeded to play with my phone. Before I knew it, Karl's voice was speaking in the room "You've reached the cell phone of Karl Kopitske - I can't come to my cell phone right now because of class or work....." If you ever called Karl, I know you know the message I'm talking about. . .

Elliot had turned on the phone, speed-dialed his daddy, and put the call on speaker. He's only 13 months; not old enough yet to understand what he was doing, or how to make the phone work. Normally he pushes random buttons and hopes for lights and noises. Strangely, on a day when Karl's last moments were so heavy in my mind, his random play brought his father's voice unexpectedly into my ear, for which I can only say thank you, little monkey. It was good to hear from Dad.


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