Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things are going well here at circle k. Bedtime has become far less of a struggle, and both E and I are sleeping better. I've spent 3 mornings in the last week cleaning and clearing out in the yard. E is enjoying the outdoors, tho we are having some disagreements on his wearing a hat. I'm for it, he's against. I'm sure I can outlast him, and he will wear it, but it can be trying. It would be wrong to duct tape it to his head, right?

I made cookies and banana bread last week. Baking is nice. I'm on spring break form UMSL this week, and looking forward to a little time to cook a meal that has no frozen parts. Of course, I'll need a recipe :)

I need to put batteries and a tape in one of Karl's many voice recorders and keep it in the car. I keep thinking of things I'd like to post, but by the time I get the baby to sleep, I'm fried, and can't remember any of it.

On the slacking and disapointed in myself front, I've totally fallen off the 365 wagon. I got in a funk a few weeks back, and didn't pick up the camera for 5 days. I haven't recovered from the disappointment, and haven't re-motivated. Taken a few things here and there, but nothing in a one-a-day state of mind. I am thinking I may restart in April.

The house continues to get messier. If anybody needs any tikihookabareware madness sent their way, please let me know. I have so much that I can't bear to give to goodwill yet, but would love to see in a happy home. Just not in mine...

Thinking of a trip to the ville this weekend. Trying to find a traveling partner, but no luck yet. I can make it solo, but it's nice to have another adult just in case.

That's the news that isn't. Life's going on.


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