Monday, January 09, 2006

A lost post… I wrote a short post yesterday which I never got around to putting up and then today during an hour and a half wrestling match with my printer installation software I had to do a system restore to the weekend and I’ve just discovered that my trip back in computer time eliminated the post I wrote. Did you follow that?

Anyway, all I had said in my un-posted post was that school would be starting soon. I start Friday. I got an email from an instructor of mine advising me to take the week to fix my car, my computer, downsize my lifestyle, make a bunch of freezable casseroles and tell my loved ones that I will miss them during what has been hyped as the busiest term of my academic career.

I don’t really buy the hype, but I did take the cue to get my printer back online. I understand that for new teachers the content of this term might be overwhelming, but I am not that and so it won’t be. It will just be fun. I am going to rest up this week. I started by sleeping for eleven hours last night. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep leading into or during my weekend. Ah well, perhaps this is the calm before the storm. I think tomorrow I will wear cozy clothing and avoid leaving the house.


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