Friday, January 13, 2006

Today my time pendulum has swung in another direction. I was up at 4:30 in the a.m. and decided that was a bad idea so I slept in until six. Some have argued that I have super powers with regard to controlling my sleep schedule. I think when you spend your adult life as an academic with a schedule that changes every four to five months you just become adaptable.

I start a new phase today with an all day conference kicking off my student teaching. I am in my favorite little library nook on campus waiting for the festivities to begin. I am not happy with my options for getting here. What was a ten minute drive from my old place has becoming a much longer drive in rush hour conditions. I suppose it was about thirty minutes, which isn’t much to bitch about, but with gas prices being what they are it is not the time so much as the dime that concerns me.

I am bartending this weekend for Doc’s Harley Davidson. They are having a party at the glass factory and I will be the mixologist in residence. Actually I think it will be Don and I, but I’m not sure about that. That will probably be a long night and spin my schedule back the other way. There might be a story or two to look forward to with the Harley crowd, or maybe they’ll be a bunch of yuppies. I’m going to guess no on the yuppie front.

The Bus… I know some of you think I should sell it for scrap. Others envision some sort of electric Kool-Aid acid test grand Midwestern tour. My loan money is in and I have apportioned some of it to deal with the question. Personally I’d like to keep the bus, but I’m just not sure where to park it. There are practicalities of time and mobility to consider. It’s been sitting in a field since I moved here in 2001. When you roll outside the cultural box it can be perplexing. Ah well, registration for the “conference” is starting, so I best be off. Let me know what you think about the bus.


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