Saturday, February 11, 2006

Breakfast Steak:

Jes is sleeping in after last night’s benefit for the Glass Arts Society Conference – which is coming up in June. I bartended the event and am a little worn out from that, rock climbing with Fuzzy yesterday afternoon, and my week in general, but I was only able to sleep in until seven or so.

Jes eats not from the mammal branch of the great tree of being so it’s mostly chicken and fish on the protein front. When I went out for coffee beans this a.m. I decided to treat myself to a thinly sliced breakfast steak, confident that the French toast we have planned will not happen until much later in the day. After the climbing and the bar work I want to mega dose protein to build muscle right? Who are my health scholars? Scholars? Hello?

We had Mark in last night from the ville and also Jen was briefly here – Jes has been driving Jen’s van this week while Jen was leading a writing workshop in North Carolina. Mark is on his way to a musicology conference in Baton Rouge so by tonight he will be well into the heart of Cajun country, dancing to Zydeco.

He got a chance to meet some of the St. Louis tribe last night and mingle at the Glass Factory for what was essentially billed as a single’s event – oddly there were about three times as many women there as men – not generally the case at these sorts of events. Anyway, we live a little farther from the airport than we used to, but are still running a good staging ground for the national transit of our kville friends.

The event last night was cosponsored by St. Louis Magazine and Range Rover and there were two professional photographers shooting – they caught me doing bar tricks so it’ll be interesting to see if I’ve cocktailed myself into another issue of the magazine.

Back when I was at the HAC St. Louis Magazine ran a spread on alternative health practices and the article featured a shot of me getting bent backward in a Shiatsu stretch with Mary L kneeling on my ass and pulling me into a modified Cobra.

I had a girl recognize me from the spread when I was standing in line at a PetSmart – one’s fifteen minutes of fame can have odd consequence. It’s a good shot that has become one of their stock photos, so I’ve seen myself crop up from time to time in articles on massage and related topics.

I guess I am by nature fairly social and the world can be a small place so I wasn’t surprised to find quite a few people I know from varied contexts buying drinks from me. (I ran into a guy name Kelly at the grocery store this a.m. that I used to work with a few years ago.)

At the event there was a girl from a yoga workshop who was shocked to see me serving the dreaded alcohol, a woman I know as the ex of an old friend, a few current and former coworkers, and also a guy I was friends with during undergrad – Josh – who has been by the blog and maybe reading this right now (hi Josh).

Josh is just back from several years living in Latin America and has interesting stories to tell about working in the online gambling industry of Venezuela. More on that as we know more. I’ve been feeling like kicking up the level of wandering narrative around here – I used to spin a good blog yarn when I was more prone to the drunken wander.

I just had to put Ajax, the cat who has doubled in size since we got him, out of the room. Cats apparently love laptops. I am actually writing this over our wireless network, which is kinda fun. I like feeling all high tech. Jes’ mom bought David a laptop for Christmas and it came with a wireless router that they didn’t need so we got the re-gifted hook up. I am watching Best In Show out of the corner of my eye while I type this and sitting on the couch drinking coffee.

I have much grading to do for both the online classes and the high school kids. Then there is the Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens – I think we’re doing that tomorrow with Myra and David (Jes’ mother and stepfather). Ah well, more later…


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