Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It’s now the day after my portfolio review. I was in meetings all day yesterday and gave a presentation on the material in my portfolio. I’m all revved up into a mental gear that I don’t normally hit. It’s akin to the day after one’s thesis defense, with the exception that I won’t know if I passed until tomorrow. The portfolio is in an online format, so I have already been able to access my instructor’s feedback comments and they are all positive, so it’s looking like I have indeed passed. However, I won’t get the official nod until tomorrow afternoon.

My internship/student teaching whatever will also end tomorrow. I’m ready to sleep, but not ready to say goodbye to my students. I keep coming back to the word crucible, as I feel like I have run an intense gauntlet. I’ve started to have phone conversations with my new principal about curriculum and am already shifting gears in that direction.


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