Friday, May 26, 2006

Observations of insignificance from a life lived indoors. I putter around and make very small decisions.

We sucked it up and turned on the central air last night, it’s supposed to cook into the mid nineties over the weekend. It’s not the heat. It’s the fact that St. Louis is more humid than the jungles of Thailand. In high summer at the Missouri Botanical Gardens I duck into the tropical Climatron for relief (that’s the Buckminster Fuller dome with the mini rain forest). So anyway, it’s started. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We can’t really afford to run the air full blast all summer and there is also the little matter of our metabolisms. I phenotyped my genotype in Northern Wisconsin so that my favorite temperatures now range from the upper sixties into the lower seventies. Jes, on the other hand, spends so much time in front of glass blowing furnaces and firing kilns that she prefers things a little warmer. Our internal clocks are also a bit off in that I have been a morning person much of the past year, though that’s changed as my responsibilities have waned. I was up until five a.m. this morning watching Battlestar Gallactica and then I slept until noon. If time and temperature are our biggest hurdles I think we’ll do fine.

My dog is curled up next to me on the couch. He’s doing that thing were he’s wrapped his tail under his head so he’s as circular and small as he can get. He’s also snoring very lightly. Cute.

The cat kept attacking my toes in an effort to wake me up this morning. He’s deduced that the toe attack is a good way to get fed. He’s getting better at dodging thrown objects as well. I don’t think I hit him even once. I was impressed enough by his dodge ball prowess that I actually did get up and feed him.

I made a pitcher of iced coffee yesterday to leave in the fridge. This is a very good summer practice. I rarely drink more than two cups of hot coffee in a sitting, so I just pour the rest of the pot into the pitcher in the fridge.

While I was at work last night Jes stood up into an open kitchen cabinet door after bending down to get a juice lid off the floor. She got a slight cut on her scalp and went over to her parents for bandaging. So after I got off work I met her there. We had planned to go to a midnight show of X-men 3, but instead we watched (made fun of) The Hulk and David made us chicken breasts sautéed in capers and shallots with saffron rice and broccoli spears.

Work has been crazy, without telling you who or what they are (so as not to get Deuced) I can tell you that they are moving buildings and everything seems to be in chaos. There was a girl, a friend of mine, who was the go to girl for every emergency. She quit last week to go into real estate and the place is so suffering without her.

My check that I was supposed to get last Friday was sent with double the amount I normally get paid, they warned me that I was going to get this and that I should just cash it and not expect a check the following pay period. Then they told me that they were recalling the checks because everyone had been double paid and they would overnight me a correct check.

They did overnight the check, but not to me, and no one knew who had it. So I finally got last week’s check yesterday, which means that now I can pay my late car insurance. The upside is that I’ll get paid again next Friday and will feel all flush from laying low. There is no flush at this stage of life. There has been no generation so burdened with student loan debt as we. My goal is to kill my credit card debt before my loans kick back in next July. I think I can do it. I think I can, I think I can….


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