Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ouch, I am teaching two sections of comp one and I keep singing, “The never ending grading…. Ahhh….ahhhh….ahhhh” to the tune of The Never Ending Story. It so sucks. There are no real caps on my classes, so each one has roughly forty students. If I were at UMSL the classes would have half as many students and I would be being paid twice as much (I talked to an UMSL Dean last week to confirm this). I graded for eight hours yesterday and then taught for four. Today is proving to be longer. I haven’t used up all of my vacation calm yet, but it’s close.

Some of my problems are self created. I am evaluating rough drafts. This is possibly a mistake, but if I don’t give them feedback prior to the final draft then they don’t actually learn much as they don’t really revise. Ah well, seven papers to go and then off to teach.


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