Monday, September 11, 2006

To answer Jen’s question in a more detailed way, “CSNY” stands for David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young. I’ve seen them in concert once before and Neil dominated that previous show. Neil was certainly on fire at this recent concert, in all his anti-war glory - leaping around the stage like an impish Hunter S. Thompson, but Stephen Stills was the real show stopper. During some of his guitar solos I realized that I hadn’t heard a guitar played quite that well since I saw the late Stevie Ray Vaughn at Mississippi Nights back in the eighties.

I should give Graham Nash some props for a shining moment that involved the unfurling of a giant Mexican flag during an impassioned singing of “Immigration Man”, a song written originally about the attempted deportation of British Invasion artists but much more apt in the current political climate. David gets props for the ubiquity of handlebars and long haired languor.

We met with the pastor before we went to show and when we told him what we had on tap for the evening he told me that I looked a little like David Crosby, this from a portly gray haired man in a Hawaiian shirt. When your pastor meets with you wearing a loud yellow Hawaiian shirt he inspires confidence.

We are our impending wedding of late. Heideggerian homunculi: Daisein books Days Inn. If you are planning a shivery I will be forced to withhold where we will be lodging.


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