Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It’s four forty two and I have a stomach flu. I would consider getting a sub, but honestly it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Better to spread your germs and by so sowing, hedge against a more bitter harvest of super-bugs. Better to rise and face the world, lest defeatist tendency defeat. I’ve been teaching Hamlet and my mind is churning with Elizabethan inanities like “canst”.

When I was teaching Beowulf my speech became unnecessarily alliterative. When I was teaching the sonnets I found myself issuing iambic utterance unintentionally. I guess catching the current of the period you peruse is portentously possible, even if pretentiously improbable. Laerties, neither a teacher nor a traveler be, for traveling oft loses both time and mental capacity. Sanity, left to long under moonlit drives, canst be so driven as to seem riven and thus may meander mostly unto drivel.

Or ere this, I should have fattened all the regions gas tanks with this slaves paycheck! Zounds for it cannot be but that I am lily livered and lack gall to get local employment. The jobs the thing wherein I’ll hook my consciousness brass ring.


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