Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow day part two. It’s a little ugly out there. The thing about Wisconsin vs. Missouri bad weather is that in Wisconsin we don’t really get these ice storms, or at least we didn’t when I was growing up there. I took our F150 truck up to the grocery store yesterday – mid storm – and had to drive fairly gingerly given the sheet ice I was driving on.

I’m up early, not waiting for the “school’s cancelled” call as that came last night, watching the power outage situation. There are currently four hundred thousand local homes without power. I am glad we had our summer outage as most of the trees around here have been trimmed and the power lines are new. Still, the ice on our lines is thick and they are hanging low. It is one thing to keep the fish aerated; it’s something else to keep them warm.

I am thinking about making Borsht. It’s six thirty a.m. on a snow day and I am not sleeping, I am planning a soup. I have ground turkey but I’d rather use a turkey leg, which means I need to go to the store. Jes doesn’t eat mammals so beef and pork are out. I also need dill… I am an odd man.


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