Monday, March 26, 2007

Sorry not to post much, I'm over committed and short on mental energy. I'm back teaching Monday nights at the puppy mill for some extra cash. I drive right by it on my way home so why shouldn't I stop and teach a little philosophy. I have a wired classroom and so I have been boosting my use of technology by developing power points for each lesson. I feel less like I am working for them and more like I am doing a self study in new instructional techniques. I had several great discussions tonight. After a day filled with crazy adolescents it can be quite refreshing to teach adults, who have some life experience to bring to a round table on ethical issues.

Over committed.

It's UMSL's spring break and Jes is off to visit Kelly in Florida. I don't get a Spring Break, but my term ends in early May. I would trade that early out for a ten day window to catch up on my grading and kill video game monsters. More later -k-


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