Sunday, April 08, 2007

The other week – several ago – I went to Columbia for a conference on the ACT put on by the ACT people. I am in the process of becoming a specialist in ACT coaching and preparation and have taken several classes to that end. I am also currently teaching a class to ten H juniors, who will test next weekend. (I am attempting to return to my former blogging “snippets of life” style.)

Anyway, while I was in Columbia I met Mike and his wife Christie out at Flat Branch for dinner. We proceeded to sit there for roughly four hours and get to know one another. I’ve been meaning to blog a thank you to them for the good time and conversation. I’ve also added them to the sidebar should you wish to get to know them too. I am hoping to get them over to St. Louis at some point for a summer BBQ, as all members of the local tribe would find them enjoyable.

In other sidebar news, I’ve also added my father-in-law Gary – who finally gets to post about the coming grandchild. The rule was that he had to wait to post until we did. We’re having a baby. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! As you can guess the pressure to find a local job has been intense. I can’t continue to drive three hours a day and miss the development of my child. Neither can we move an hour and a half away from a family who wants very much to see and participate in baby E’s growth and development. Baby E = Emily or Elliot (at least we are leaning this way). We’ll find out which at the next ultrasound.

So, my interview tomorrow is one of some importance.


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