Friday, July 20, 2007

I brought another two loads of stuff over from the house today before Jes woke up. I’m am trying to get a few big jobs done everyday while she is sleeping so that she’s not tempted to overdue it. We are well into the third trimester now and the energy she had during the second trimester is on the wane. Elliot is kicking a fair amount and seems to have a super power involving shifting his density at will – he vacillates between being light as a feather and then morphing into lead. It’s cool to have a kid with super powers.

When we were at Brad’s lake house I felt the baby kick for the first time. He also did this elbow slide where you could watch where he was going. We have a gizmo that you can put against Jes’ belly so that you can hear the heartbeat, but mostly we hear him moving around. The gizmo came with software to upload a digital recording of the heartbeat to the computer, so maybe I’ll do that in a few weeks when the sound is louder.

I guess I best be off to clean at the apartment. People will be arriving today with stuff for the sale and the apartment needs to be ready for them. Are you coming to buy our overflow on Saturday? With all the glass and ceramics it looks more like a gallery than a garage sale.


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