Sunday, April 20, 2008

The tulips that I did not plant do not seem to be reacting well to the Ortho Napalm that I spread on the front lawn yesterday - I wont do the back in deference to dog and child. As this is our first spring in this house we have no idea what bulbs are in the ground, so the tulips in front and the daisies in back were a surprise - the weeds in the front were no surprise as the house had been empty for some time before we bought it - foreclosed and then flipped.

At some point a person lived here who was a good gardener; however, what survives of that seems to be random. The peony are doing well, I bought a double level wire support for them yesterday. I also did the first mow and power washed the back deck. We have this odd wooden platform at the back of our yard, opposite the garage. I borrowed Gary's power washer in the fall and just got around to doing the deck yesterday. I had no idea how well that would work, the deck looks like we just put it in and I haven't sealed it yet. I might do that tonight after Jes gets back from teaching her class.

Power washing is labor intensive. The deck is small and it took me two tanks of gas and a chunk of the afternoon to get things how I wanted them. I'm sure my neighbors are loving how much debris I hosed into the alley. Ah well, I wonder when the sweeper will come. We've been getting so much rain of late that I doubt the mess will long remain.

In answer to your question, yes we felt the earthquake Friday morning; it woke us up. Our cheap Ikea bed was swaying like a Coral Courts' magic fingers special. Oddly, my school had an earthquake drill scheduled for third hour Friday and my grammar class was doing a worksheet that was unintentionally all about earthquakes. It was also, according to my writer's almanac, the anniversary of the great San Francisco quake.

Junior needs lunch, so I am off.


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