Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life was getting too easy, so I went out today and adopted a couple of dogs. Why not? They will be getting new names, as I'm not really the type to have dogs named Prada and Versace.

They are from Stray Rescue, and we really don't know their history. We do know that Prada was found with her pups in April, and they hadn't opened their eyes yet. She's been shot sometime in the past, and has a problem with her hip. Despite that, she's been a great mother, and her other puppies are all adopted.

Versace is the biggest of the lot of puppies. He's already 16 lbs, and next to the runt of the litter, who's only about 9, he looks like he could be the parent. He's likely to be a very big dog, and I may spend Elliot's college fund feeding him. But nobody will be coming into the yard when he's out.

So I'll get the pup on Sunday, but Mama needs to go in for a spay and possibly a hip surgery Monday. Could be a week to 6 weeks before she's ready to come home.


Blogger blacirsh said...

Congrats..they look wonderful. Cant wait to hear all the stories

2:52 PM  

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