Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I got really pissed off today at the fabric store.

So here's a letter to my fellow customers:

Dear Craft Shoppers,

A line is not an obstacle designed to impede your progress through life. It's more a courtesy we give each other - we acknowledge that we are all important, all have places to be, and all intend to buy the items we are holding rather than just walking out with them (which, by the way, I considered doing.)

Yes, the three women you saw there waiting for the next open lane - they were in line. It was almost polite, the way you asked, then formed line behind them. Then, when the two new checkers came along, and the other people in line were waiting, you went right ahead of the old lady who looked about to fall over dead and the woman holding the sleeping baby and trying to balance her purchases in the other hand - right ahead of them! - into the newly opened lanes.

You did have the decency to stare at your feet as you walked out of the store, passing by those poor souls stuck in the gutter of life, following the societal rules of courtesy and trying to get along, and waiting their god damn turns. You SHOULD look abashed, you smarmy bastards. My son is pretty freaking heavy, and it would have been nice not to have to hold him an extra 3 minutes because ALL 5 OF YOU are SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE REST OF US!

You're probably the same people who keep making the 55N exit ramp a disaster every time I try to cross the river.

You totally suck, and there's no forgiveness left in my heart for you. I hope Karma kicked you in the the ass and you were the ones in that 3 car pile up I passed on the highway.




Blogger blacirsh said...

wow... jes is grumpy... hope it gets better

6:56 PM  

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